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Protect your privacy with SpyHunter software

SpyHunter is an anti-malware programme that is designed for the average PC user to operate and requires no specialist IT skills to get going. The programme comes with a scanner for malware detection which is free to download.

Get protected rapidly

Like other anti spy software packages which are designed to protect your privacy online by providing security measures that make it harder for hackers and phishers to access your private information, SpyHunter starts by detecting malicious threats by scanning a user's system thoroughly. Therefore, if you think that your PC may have picked up some form of malware which is either slowing it down or compromising your privacy, then it is possible to use the free scanner to work out if this is the case, or not. Once the scanner has been run, however, you will need to buy the full version of the software in order for these pesky bits of programming to be removed from your computer's hard drive. Of course, if the reverse is true and nothing untoward is detected, then there is no need to subscribe to Enigma Software's services. Unlike some anti spam packages, which you need to pay for upfront, this makes SpyHunter a cost effective tool for detecting whether slow-running programmes or other common PC problems are down to security and privacy issues or other problems. The software makers have deployed a newly integrated rootkit detection system which allows the programme to carry out a full scan rapidly. If anything is detected by the anti spy software, then it promptly displays information on screen for you upon detection. This means that even if malware has worked its way into hidden files that you cannot see, the software should come up trumps.

Customisation and features

Because malware continues to change, so anti spam and anti phishing technology needs to develop to keep pace with it. However, highly sophisticated anti spy software is not for everyone and the average user probably doesn't need the same level of protection as a large corporation would. As such, Enigma Software's package allows for full customisation so that every user who downloads the system is capable of tailoring the software to fit their specific requirements. Of course, many users will choose to leave the programme in its standard configuration, which is fine, but the ability to alter the settings will be of interest to advanced PC users. One of the advanced options already mentioned is the rootkit detection module which some other competitor packages fail to carry out. Bear in mind that this requires the software to run before Windows gets going with all of its processes. Therefore, the system's designers have built in their own operating system which allows the programme to run ahead of Windows booting, thereby giving it a big advantage over the hackers who use malware to spy on you. Once run, you can start Windows as normal. Finally, it is worth mentioning that tech support is offered for any malware that is detected but cannot be automatically removed. In other words, you will get a customised fix to a problem if the standard ones fail.

Complete protection?

Anti spam and anti phishing software take many forms, but this package offers complete assurance from many of the techniques hackers are currently using to harvest data. The malware definition updates are regular, helping you to keep one step ahead of problems.


  • Advanced rootkit detection
  • Free scanner
  • Keeps PCs free from common problems


  • Payment required to remove detected issues
  • Hard to unsubscribe

Program available in other languages

SpyHunter for PC

  • Trial version

  • In English
  • V
  • 3.7


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